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We value your savings as much as you do. Best Sitewide CBD coupons are applicable on all brands sitewide. We have brought together coupons and offers for some of the most popular CBD brands out there. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to get the most savings on every CBD order placed. 
Absolute Nature CBD was formed by a team with apparently over two decades of experience in the health and wellness space. Absolute Nature backs up their claims and their standards with high-quality, cannabinoid-rich CBD oil and eco-friendly practices. Their hemp is organically grown in Colorado and processed via CO2 extraction.  Absolute Nature offers an assistance program for veterans, the disabled, first responders, and low-income individuals. 

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Absolute Nature CBD Sitewide

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Founded in 2018, Take Spruce set out on a mission to disrupt the CBD industry with lab-grade, cannabinoid-rich products designed to deliver the strongest relief possible. Spruce has quickly made its way to the top of the CBD charts with ultra-potent formulas that target pain on a cellular level. They only offer concentrations that will give you the strongest, quickest relief possible, and this is what makes them one of the best CBD oil companies out there.

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Take Spruce Sitewide

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CBD company Beam, founded by former professional athletes Kevin Moran and Matt Lombardi, doesn’t want you to be confused. Beam TLC is selling products like oil, salve, and a protein bars. beam aims to introduce a new perspective on recovery. One of the big things they pride themselves on is selling a product that is 100 percent THC-free. Beat TLC have special initiatives planned for the summer like CBD massages, a cryotherapy tank, and workouts.

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beam CBD TLC Sitewide

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If you’re looking for the best all-around CBD brand, you’re going to be hard pressed to find one better than Medterra. Between their rigorous extraction processes and unparalleled flavor, Medterra is the full package. Medterra offers some of the world’s highest-quality CBD in a wide range of products designed to satisfy every need and preference. Medterra’s hemp is 100% organic, non-GMO, and chock-full of cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoids to make the most powerful CBD possible. As a member of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, Medterra adheres to rigorous guidelines that ensure each batch of hemp is nothing but the best in terms of quality and potency.

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Medterra CBD Sitewide

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Feals CBD is a new company, launched in March 2019, and it strives to make CBD understandable by using just two ingredients: MCT oil and CBD. The company was co-founded by Drew Todd, Eric Scheibling, and Alex Iwanchuk, who met as co-workers in ad-tech. Feals wants to make CBD accessible and approachable for everyone. From the moment that you enter Feals’ online store, you are guided through the shopping process, helping you to find the perfect CBD oilBy limiting the number of products for sale, Feals has turned what normally feels like an intimidating process into a fun and simple shopping experience. 

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Feals CBD Sitewide

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Level Select is a new line of products to Level which features CBD oil, sports creams and roll-ons that have no THC, are third party tested, made and grown in the USA and are said to be non-GMO. The cruelty-free products come in various intensity levels so that users can get the support that they need. There are three levels to Level Select CBD Formulas. Each level features a proprietary blend' of different amounts of CBD, and the difference in amounts can also impact the product and its performance. They also post each products Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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Level Select CBD Sitewide

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Hemp Bombs is dedicated to providing customers worldwide easy access to CBD products that are made well. That means all of the products this company sells are made of organically certified hemp grown using no pesticides. The company also uses a unique extraction method that ensures there is a maximum concentration of cannabidiol in its products. Hemp Bombs offers both domestic and international shipping.

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Hemp Bombs Sitewide

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Dan Bilzerian and Josh Caranza established Ignite CBD in 2017, together with the boom of the CBD industry. Ignite is the first high-end global cannabis brand and features premium quality CBD and THC products. The company was launched in 2017 with 40 products, delivered in the form of pre-rolls, oils, concentrates, and flowers, which are available in over 100 dispensaries across California. Their products are described as being as natural, reliably clean, and consistent, as they are effective.

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Ignite CBD Sitewide

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Blue Moon Hemp makes high-quality CBD products which are available for an affordable price. The fruity flavors of some items might be too much for some consumers but generally speaking, they taste good and work well, which is all you really want. Founded in 2015, Blue Moon CBD has already sold over 1 million bottles of their CBD oil. Blue Moon Hemp has wisely labeled their products as ‘wellness’ supplements. All of its CBD products contain 0% THC, and eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods are utilized. Blue Moon Hemp also claims to provide a ‘plant only’ product with no artificial ingredients or additives, with a special formulation technique used with non-GMO, organic products. 

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Blue Moon Hemp Sitewide

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Diamond CBD is a publicly-traded firm owned by Potnetwork Holdings, makers of brands such as Meds, Biotech, Relax Liquid and Chill Plus Gummies. Their website features anything and everything you’ve ever heard of, including CBD vape oils, tinctures, edibles, drinks, creams, sprays, capsules, and more. One great thing is that their products won’t produce any kind of high, Diamond CBD make sure that no more than 0.3% of THC is present in any of their oils.

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Diamond CBD Sitewide

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Calm by Wellness is a CBD oil company made of a community of doctors, researchers, farmers, and scientists who want to help people feel better with CBD. They have a substantial fan base and thousands of glowing reviews from users who have experienced more calm in their lives. Calm by Wellness works with a CBD manufacturer that grows its own domestic hemp in Colorado, Oregon, and Minnesota. All of the hemp used in Calm by Wellness CBD oil is grown in America using USDA certified seeds and extracted through a Co2 extraction method. 

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Calm by Wellness Sitewide

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Balance CBD produces the highest quality available and they do all their lab testing through 3rd party companies to ensure accurate and trusted results. Balance CBD products are all made in the USA and certified GMO-free and vegan. This is something very important to look out for as there are a growing number of companies that import CBD low-quality and impure CBD from China. With Balance CBD you can be assured that everything was all grown home soils and to the highest standard. They have a ton of product options to choose from, so you can find the one the works the best for you. Their products include oils, gummies, relief cream and pet products.  

Balance CBD 25% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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25Off Sitewide Balance CBD Coupon

Balance CBD Sitewide

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Mission Farms CBD began when the founders were dealing with health challenges. After experiencing adverse effects from pharmaceutical drugs that covered up the root causes of their issues, the founders were introduced to CBD. After giving it a try, they realized that CBD oil helped improve their health without the side effects of the drugs they had previously tried. This led to the birth of Mission Farms CBD, which today sells quality CBD oil and other products containing cannabidiol to thousands of customers.

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20Off Sitewide Mission Farms CBD Coupon

Mission Farms CBD Sitewide

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Founded in 2019, this Portland-based company has not only become a frontrunner in premium CBD but also a true champion of the industry. Social CBD mission to provide the most trusted, cannabinoid-rich hemp products on the market, this company exceeds industry standards with world-class manufacturing and laboratory analyses to ensure you get the purest, most potent product every time. Between their ultra-pure products and unparalleled honesty, it’s clear how much Social CBD values its customers. If you want the purest, most potent CBD products on the market, look no further than Social CBD.

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15Off Sitewide Social CBD Coupon 

Social CBD Sitewide

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Lord Jones CBD is a company that offers a very luxurious and royal feeling to their products – as a lot of their products are packaged with really fancy boxes and look exceptionally nice. Hemp is cultivated in the USA and the products contain no THC. Their product line includes creams, tinctures, confections and gel capsules. Their CBD is derived from broad-spectrum hemp and contains essential phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Lord Jones offer many products such as bath salts, Royal oil, skincare, tinctures, confections, and gel capsules. They offer a ‘subscribe and save’ feature, which allows you to save $10 and have free shipping. 

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15Off Sitewide Lord Jones Coupon 

Lord Jones Sitewide

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No Borders Naturals, Inc. a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a premium purveyor of health and wellness product for active consumers and their pets.The all new No Borders Naturals, Inc. website is which clearly showcases the company's growing line of products designed for active lifestyles and furry friends. In addition to high quality hemp and CBD products designed for the discerning buyer, No Borders Naturals provides customers with limited quantity boutique products from an ever expanding network of high end producers around the country. This is accompanied by a bold new branding of the companies overall identity with a core focus on providing exceptional products to active, health oriented consumers.

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20Off Sitewide No Borders Naturals Coupon 

No Borders Naturals Sitewide

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NanoCraft CBD headquarters are in La Jolla, California. However, the company has started to build a global reputation. The company specializes in producing a wide variety of products that take advantage of the medicinal properties of the cannabidiol compounds found in cannabis plants. All CBD content is extracted from hemp-based plants to ensure the customer’s safety (avoiding any potential psychoactive effects) and to remain within the law. 

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Nanocraft CBD Sitewide

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VerifiedCBD is an American company that operates out of Miami, Florida. VerifiedCBD is known for their unique line of oral CBD sprays, which they have several different blends of for varied results according to specific health conditions. They provide a line of CBD gummies, relief creams, CBD capsules and dog treats. 100% American-operated companies – their production facility is located in southwest Florida, and they source all of their raw hemp material from a Hemp Pilot Program in Kentucky. Verified CBD ships legally to all 50 U.S. states (and internationally)

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15Off Sitewide VerifiedCBD Coupon 

VerifiedCBD Sitewide

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Founded in 2015, the founders of the company focus on the desire to supply quality supplements to their customers to help them live a healthier life. Zilis oil products are sourced from hemp grown and bottled in Colorado using USDA organically certified processes which ensure you receive a pure, unaltered oil. Their third party testing documents a 94% absorption rate with less than 0.3% THC to stay within Farm Bill Complacency. The Zilis UltraCell technology uses various types of delivery to help you get the most out of their products. Although they do not offer a pill or capsule, their options provide some of the most effective ways to get oil into your bloodstream.

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15Off Sitewide Zilis Coupon 

Zilis CBD Sitewide

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Royal CBD takes everything to an extra level — the hemp is sourced from select farms in the United States that grow a proprietary strain of hemp, extracted with state of the art supercritical CO2 extraction (no solvents), and combined with high-grade medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. You can find these oils in unflavored, and mint-flavored options, and three distinct strengths. The founder was tired of all the mediocrity in the CBD industry — there were too many products being sold at marked-up prices but lacked the quality he was looking for. This is how Royal CBD was born. Royal CBD’s blog offers detailed information on how to use the products, with insightful tips for getting the most out of them.

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20Off Sitewide Royal CBD Coupon 

Royal CBD Sitewide

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Carey Hart has recently announced his partnership with seed-to-consumer premium medicinal and recreational cannabis firm, green wave holdings. [Hart Luck CBD] The full spectrum CBD products, exclusively formulated by SDC, include tinctures, salves and gel capsules are now available at selected specialty stores throughout California. SD Cannabis (SDC) specializes in developing extraction and manufacturing methods that focus on maintaining the quality and natural benefits of cannabis. Crafted to the highest quality, all products are made of 100% natural ingredients, have been tested, certified and are free of solvents and pesticides. 

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Hart Luck CBD Sitewide

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CBDfx is U.S brand that offers quality hemp-derived CBD oil and other products. CBDfx grows, manufactures, and sells its products in the U.S. The company believes in setting a high bar for manufacturing excellence of its CBD-based products. At the moment, CBDfx has a catalog listing more than 50 different products, and the company is also constantly working to develop new ways to deliver CBD.

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CBDfx Sitewide

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Sunsoil (formerly Green Mountain CBD) takes a great pride in their organic farming and natural processing practices. This American based company grows hemp on farms located in Hardwick, Vermont and their prices are among the lowest in the industry. Sunsoil is one of the few CBD brands that is truly a “seed to sale” operation. Sunsoil uses ProVerde Labs (a trusted testing facility used by many industry leaders) to analyze their CBD extracts and ensure they are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and contain the the right CBD potency. Their CBD products are also some of the least expensive in terms of cost per milligram.

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25Off Sitewide Sunsoil CBD Coupon 

Sunsoil CBD Sitewide

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Purekana is an online seller of CBD oil products based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They offer a variety of CBD oil products, including natural and flavored tinctures, gummies, capsules and topicals. There are many types of oil available on the website, giving you a variety in both flavor and potency. You can find bottles that contain a total of 40-serving, in the strengths of 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, 2,500mg, and 5,000mg. PureKana claims its hemp oil is grown organically and contains just trace amounts of THC.

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20Off Sitewide Pure kana Coupon 

Purekana Sitewide

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Premium Jane is a small company that introduced themselves to the blossoming CBD market back in the summer of 2018. They currently offer four different products sourced from Hemp Pilot Research farms in Kentucky: standard CBD oil tinctures, softgel CBD capsules, a therapeutic topical CBD cream, and CBD gummies made from a THC-free isolate extract. They also offer shipping to all 50 U.S. states, indicating legal manufacturing under the Hemp Farming Act of the U.S. Farm Bill. Premium Jane uses ProVerde Labs to verify their CBD content tells us that they mean business in creating an absolutely top of the line product.

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20Off Sitewide Premium Jane Coupon 

Premium Jane Promo Code

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As bar owners turned CBD advocates, founders of Sunday Scaries Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt have quickly become industry leaders. If you’re looking for the tastiest AND most powerful CBD products on the market, look no further than Sunday Scaries. From delicious tinctures to gummies, Sunday Scaries delivers all the amazing benefits of CBD in products that are not only fast-absorbing but also easy on the taste buds. And unlike a lot of CBD brands that test their own ingredients, Sunday Scaries uses a third-party lab to make sure the results are bias-free and 100% accurate.

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Sunday Scaries CBD Sitewide

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American Shaman is a brand that sells its products online and at retailers in the United States. The company specializes in producing quality and organic hemp-derived CBD oil products which are 100% legal in all 50 states. All of the oils produced by American Shaman are also 100% organic and free of GMOs and gluten. Furthermore, the company assures customers that the products it sells have no traces of insecticides or heavy metals, ensuring their safety and purity. 

CBD American Shaman 15% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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15Off Sitewide CBD American Shaman Coupon 

CBD American Shaman Sitewide

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Discover CBD hopes to show their consumers just how much they believe in quality cannabinoid research and bringing the safest products possible to the market. Discover CBD is more like two companies: the first, an online CBD catalog, and the second called Active CBD oil is their line of quality cannabidiol products from Colorado. Their high operational standards have indirectly led to innovation in the lab, including the creation of water-dispersible CBG and CBN tinctures. While Discover CBD doesn’t technically make any CBD oil products, their subsidiary called Active CBD Oil does. In fact, when you go shopping for products on the Active website, you are redirected to the Discover CBD site. 

Discover CBD 25% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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25Off Sitewide Discover CBD Coupon 

Discover CBD Sitewide

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Everyday Optimal CBD Founders Alex Gould and Frederick Drejfald started the company in 2016. Together, the pair went to Colorado to find hemp farmers that grow organic, non-GMO hemp that is grown using sustainable methods. Everyday Optimal CBD states that their hemp is grown in North America. Everyday Optimal CBD sells their products in money saving bundles. There are four different CBD Value Packs that you can purchase.

Every Day Optimal 25% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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25Off Sitewide Every Day Optimal Coupon 

Every Day Optimal Sitewide

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Elixinol was developed by Paul Benhaim, who is actually a major figure in the CBD industry. Elixinol is Australian based but they deliver worldwide. Similar to most CBD companies they offer a wide range of products from oils, balms and capsules to even hemp seeds and protein powder. One of the major advantages of Elixinol is their superior sourcing. Paul has dedicated most of his life to finding some of the highest quality hemp seeds, scouring a wide range of locations including, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Thailand, India, China, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Furthermore, due to their coverage, they only extract from the best!

Elixinol 20% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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20Off Sitewide Elixinol Coupon 

Elixinol Sitewide

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Endoca’s story goes back more than a decade. It was the very first company in the world to sell its products on the internet. Today, Endoca is an established presence in the CBD industry, and thousands of people have turned to this company to find products to help them cope with stress and anxiety, improve their sleep, and assist in the management of their pain. Endoca offers a full overview of testing certificates provided by third-party laboratories. These certificates provide a complete cannabinoid profile analysis of their products as well as information about their safety and purity. 

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15Off Sitewide Endoca Coupon 

Endoca Sitewide

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cbdMD focuses on making these products more affordable to the general population, while still using only the highest-quality processing methods to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants to make potent products that offer maximum benefits. cbdMD develops its products in the United States and claims its production process does not involve the use of any artificial ingredients—that all of its oils, topicals, and related items are free of harmful heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. 

CBDmd 20% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon


CBD Lion was founded by Erik Lundgren, Andrew Stepniak and Katie Nauert. Lundgren and Stepniak came from a background in medical and recreational cannabis, which inspired them to create a high-quality product that could substitute CBD for nicotine in vaporizers. The brand is gaining recognition for its terpene-infused CBD products, such as tinctures and vapes. The expanding inventory currently features vape pens, cartridges, shatters, lotions, gummies, and tinctures. The company also offers its own line of CBD oils for pets. CBD Lion recently announced their plans to take their company public by merging with Acquired Sales Corp. (OTC Pink: AQSP) and changing the name to CBD LION CORP.

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15Off Sitewide CBD Lion Coupon 

CBD Lion Sitewide

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Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, Blue Ridge Hemp is a relatively new company that makes products using 100 percent industrial hemp. Blue Ridge Hemp organizes its products into the following categories: hemp flowers tinctures, topicals, and edibles. The strains offered on Blue Ridge Hemp’s site vary depending on the time of year, but a few favorites include Kush, Hawaiian Haze, and Lemon Sour Diesel. Blue Ridge Hemp’s top products is a box of four CBD-infused salted caramel truffles. A few other CBD “superfood” blends include CBD dark chocolate and ghee, CBD coconut oil, and CBD chocolate bars.

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Blue Ridge Hemp Sitewide

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Derived from certified organic hemp grown in Colorado, CBDPure’s products undergo rigorous steps in manufacturing and lab testing to achieve truly pure CBD. CBDPure offers some of the world’s highest-quality CBD in a wide range of products designed to satisfy every need and preference. In order to create the purest, most powerful CBD products in the world, CBDPure sources its extract from robust, organically-grown Colorado hemp. This means CBDPure oil is 100% organic, non-GMO, and chock-full of cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoids

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CBDPure Sitewide

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Terahemp is an American brand with an aim to produce high-quality CBD oil and other CBD products, is a North Hollywood-based company. Terahemp is the creation of two individuals from very different backgrounds. Ari has a history in technology, while Eric was an entrepreneur in the investment industry. When the two decided to work together, their thought process led them towards CBD. Tera Hemp products are full-spectrum hemp extract as opposed to isolate. In full-spectrum, the oil will contain all of the phytochemicals initially found in the cannabis plant, not just CBD. The products are simple to use and there is help available through the website.

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Terahemp Sitewide

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Evo Hemp has been around since 2011 and their goal is to produce healthy foods that have all the nutritive values of high-quality ingredients combined with the best hemp seed oil. Evo Hemp also offers the standard hemp seed oils, soft gel capsules made with hemp oil and hemp extracts as well as hemp protein.They use cold pressing to extract the hemp oil from the seeds, and CO2 extraction to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. Evo Hemp is GMO-free, 100% organic soy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

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Evo Hemp Sitewide

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Receptra Naturals was founded in 2016. The team there has been dedicated to creating high-quality products made from premium materials since the beginning. Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, a city in the southern part of the Denver metropolitan area, the company sources all its hemp from Colorado family farms. The farmers use organic methods to cultivate the plant and then handpick the hemp flowers at harvest time. Every batch of Receptra’s products are tested for potency and toxicity, and COA’s for each of these results are available on the company’s website.

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20Off Sitewide Receptra Naturals Coupon 

Receptra Sitewide

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Verma Farms is a Hawaiian company focused on creating socially conscious products. Verma Farms focuses on Hawaiian themed edibles, moving away from the more medical-feeling CBD oils. They have become a famous CBD brand across the USA, offering customers a range of fun and simple products that pack a healthy dose of all-natural CBD. All of their products are guaranteed to be completely THC-free, having been created using hemp plants. Verma Farms sources all of its hemp plants from organic, sustainable farms. The current products have been carefully crafted to ensure that there is a CBD option for everyone. The range includes CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD topicals. 

Verma Farms 15% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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15Off Sitewide Verma Farms Coupon

Verma Farms Sitewide

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Bluebird Botanicals focuses on producing some of the highest-quality CBD products on the market. Bluebird Botanicals believes in the potential of cannabidiol to relieve common ailments in the human body, often without the need for additional prescription drugs. The company has developed a formula for quality CBD oil as well as other products that include the compound. The company has developed a wide variety of products, so customers can find the perfect one for their needs. Bluebird Botanicals developed a three-step system to make the process of finding the right product easier than many of its competitors. 

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20Off Sitewide Blue Bird Botanicals Coupon 

Blue Bird Botanicals Sitewide

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After countless hours of time and research, SabaiDee has created CBD that’s actually designed for the human body. SabaiDee’s formula not only includes powerful broad-spectrum CBD, but it also comes with a special ingredient that helps deliver that CBD into the bloodstream. Sourced from organic hemp plants grown in the fertile soils of Colorado Springs, SabaiDee CBD is revolutionizing whole-plant medicine to create a powerful AND healthier alternative to conventional western medicine.

Sabaidee CBD 25% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon 

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25Off Sitewide Sabaidee CBD Coupon 

Sabaidee CBD Sitewide

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Populum whose name means “The People” in Latin, was founded in 2016 by Gunhee Park and Ola Olusoga. They created the company with the goal of providing customers with high-quality hemp products.  All plants are grown and the CBD oil is extracted in Colorado. Certified PhDs inspect and sign off on all products to ensure the best quality, and lab results are included in each package delivered to a customer. 

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10Off Sitewide Populum Coupon 

Populum Sitewide

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Summit CBD has a large store offering nearly every form of CBD oil, from capsules to tinctures—for both humans and pets—to CBD edibles—again, for both humans and pets—to topicals to CBD isolate crumbles. Third-party lab results show that Summit’s CBD oil is free of THC, as advertised, as well as free from mildew, mold, and other contaminants. The company hopes to help customers reach “peak” wellness with a variety of cannabidiol products. 

Summit CBD 15% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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15Off Sitewide Summit CBD Coupon 

Summit CBD Sitewide

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CBDEssence is actually part of the well known hemp brand NutraHemp, who is one of the industry’s most well-established manufacturers of hemp-infused extracts and legal food grade products. Their products like Hemp Taffy, Hemp Chill Pill, and Hemp Pets for example, have been around for years and are widely known as some of the best and highest quality nutritional hemp supplements on the market. CBD Essence uses only high-pressure CO2 extraction with state of the art technology. Every single one of their products is lab tested, non-GMO, and 100% sustainably grown on unspoiled farm land without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. 

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20Off Sitewide CBD Essence Coupon 

CBD Essence Sitewide

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Kat’s Naturals is a company that was founded by an experienced nutritionist and educated herbalist. Kat Merryfield, the founder of the company, initially started selling products under the brand Kat’s Naturals in 2015.Thousands of people trust Kat’s Naturals with their CBD oil needs—and the company is completely transparent when it comes to giving you access to information about the ingredients that you will be putting into your body. Kat’s Naturals not only focuses on providing you with organic products, the company also aims to be among the most affordable. 

Kat's Naturals 15% Off Sitewide CBD Coupon

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15Off Sitewide Kat's Naturals Coupon 

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GoGreen Hemp is a family owned and operated company from Colorado that specializes in products that use organic hemp extract with CBD and other quality ingredients. They have been serving customers since 2016 and currently they have over 50 variations of CBD products. Their extensive line of medicinal CBD products ranges from wax crumble, gel capsules, candies, oil drops, balms, and dog chews for your animal friends. GoGreen Hemp’s mission is to make high-caliber products that bring relief and to educate consumers about the medicinal properties of CBD. GoGreen Hemp wants their customers to find relief, regardless of their economic background. This is why they’ve created their Helping Hand Program that offers assistance to those in need.

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KOI CBD was established in 2015. In order to set themselves apart from the competition, KOI CBD uses 99% cannabidiol that they extract via a pharmaceutical-grade processes in a cGMP facility. Besides vape oils, Koi CBD also sells gummies, sprays, body lotion and a recently added Koi Naturals product in their lineup. This line is made up of 100% natural Koi CBD Full Spectrum oil and coconut oil. The full spectrum includes CBD, CBN, CBDV, and CBG, which all work together in synergy to provide ultimate benefits. Koi’s mission is to restore balance to everyone’s life through the magic of CBD and its beneficial properties. This includes veterans who they go above and beyond to help.

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Plus CBD Oil is making a name for itself not only for their spectrum of CBD products but also for their purity and tracking. They believe in their products so much they have created a Seed to Shelf guarantee which means that every bottle is guaranteed to be pure and consistent and is fully traceable throughout the supply chain. Plus CBD Oil uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process that is cold-based, meaning there’s a high chance the terpenes and cannabinoids will be preserved in the extraction process. 

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Penguin CBD was founded in 2019. Since then it has topped numerous “best of” lists and garnered acclaim from a variety of dependable sources. Snoop Dogg’s very own Merry Jane called Penguin “perfection in CBD form,” while Maxim declared their products to be the “finest on the market.” Penguin CBD is a green-friendly brand that’s dedicated to using sustainable farming practices to lessen their environmental impact. That means no pesticides or any of that other junk that hurts our ecosystems. Penguin sends all of their products to ProVerde Laboratories, a trustworthy third-party, to be tested for any impurities and contaminants. The lab reports are readily available and can be found by simply scrolling down to the footer of any page on their website.

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Lazarus Naturals, located in Seattle, Washington, was established in 2016 with the goal of creating quality and accessible CBD. All cannabis is grown domestically in non-GMO farms. Kosher ethanol is used to remove the CBD from the plants. All organic plant-based oils are used in the creation of the final products. Third-party testers check the quality of products, ensuring that they do not contain heavy metals or pesticides. 

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CBD BioCare is a company that has a long-standing reputation for providing quality products. Something that makes CBD BioCare unique is that it goes beyond the average brand in sharing a lot of useful resources about the benefits and usage of CBD products. CBD BioCare’s website includes a page with the latest certificates of analysis for its products. Each product you purchase contains a QR code, and scanning this code takes you directly to the lab-testing certificates page. 

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Unlike most oils on the market, NuLeaf Naturals’ full-spectrum CBD oil is 100% organic hemp oil — and nothing else. Grown and cultivated on Colorado farms, these CBD products are some of the cleanest, most cannabinoid-rich on the market. NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD oil is made using a combination of supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction methods. NuLeaf’s oil is transparent gold and has a thinner consistency, and this is expected from a product that has been manufactured using CO2 extraction. Clear-gold oils typically indicate greater purity, and the consistency is runnier due to the lack of additives you find in most other CBD tinctures. 

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Green Roads was built on the qualifications of having the first licensed pharmacist formulated 3500mg CBD oil in the United States. They have the purest CBD on the market and the most experience extracting cannabidiol from hemp with an expert team providing the highest quality in the industry. Led by a 20-year veteran pharmacist, this Florida-based company sets the gold standard for quality and transparency in everything they offer – from their top-tier CBD oils and edibles to their soothing topicals.

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Green Gorilla started back in 2013 when founders Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton saw how much CBD had a positive effect on a terminally ill dog. Green Gorilla is the leader in USDA certified Organic products and this authority is proven through their wide variety of high-quality CBD products. All of Green Gorilla's products are made using non-GMO's and to meet USDA Organic certification. Whether you're looking for a pure CBD tincture for yourself or some CBD for horses, Green Gorilla has you covered.

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