4 Things to Know About Google's CBD AdWords Policies

4 Things to Know About Google's CBD AdWords Policies

Can You Advertise CBD on Google?

For something that is widely touted as an effective remedy for a range of illnesses that we’re currently facing in this our modern-day society, CBD has had its fair share of cold treatment. So much so, that some of the biggest promotional organizations across the globe are yet to declare their unwavering support for the publicity of CBD oil. On top of that, regularization in the CBD-hemp-industry is pretty bleak, and as such, it is difficult to differentiate the right CBD products from the wrong ones. But as it stands Google, one of (if not) the biggest online advertisement organizations in the world, is making consistent efforts to keep an open mind when it comes to showcasing CBD ADs on Google.

Google Ads for CBD Oil

For a long time now, there has been a latent stigma on the publicity of CBD, especially on renowned search engines like Google. But, with Google’s open-mindedness towards allowing a selection of companies from the up-and-coming hemp sub-industry to buy Google Ads for CBD oil, there might just be a light at the end of the tunnel for CBD retailers. Moreover, the CBD industry of the United States has generated over $1.9billion and it’s expected to reach 20 billion dollars by 2024.

What Is Really the Big Deal With Google CBD Ads?

If you are one of the budding CBD retailers out there, looking to create a loyal clientele on the internet, you may have imagined the possibility of marketing your products with Google Ads. But as you already know, Google, like Instagram and cbd facebook advertising has a few restrictions concerning the advertisement of hemp oil and Cannabinoid products on its platform.

While it is almost expected that you’d be frustrated by the restrictions prohibiting retailers from selling CBD oil on IG and FB, there are still a lot of cool options to explore for your trade. If you have never tried the Google Ads for CBD, now is the time to do so.

Can I Advertise Hemp on Google?

Have you ever asked the question; can I purchase CBD Google Ads for my cannabinoid products? If you have, then you must have realized that Google CBD Oil Ads CBD can help take your CBD retail business to the next level. On the off chance that you have envisaged spreading the good word about your product on Google's enormous platform. We have good news for you.

The good news is that Google has rolled out a trial program that allows CBD retailers to purchase CBD Ads on Google and push their business forward. While you may not know this, many people are advertising their CBD products on Google as we speak. Albeit CBD ads on Google for search terms relating to the query "can I advertise CBD on Google” are not too rampant on the first page, you'll find many in the subsequent pages. So if you asking if you can advertise CBD on Google, the answer is Yes.

In recent times, diverse Googled paid-per-click ads have been spotted on Google's search result page. This implies that Google is not completely rigid like its social media counterparts, Facebook and Instagram when it comes to selling CBD PPC to patrons. So if Google permits the purchase of PPC ads for CBD products, why then are CBD-focused ads scarce on Google's search result page?

Due to the regularity issues surrounding the use of marijuana-related products in diverse places across the globe, many people are skeptical about marketing CBD on their platform; fearing it will spoil the good name of their company. This applies to Google as well. Albeit a globally recognized search engine, Google is vulnerable to the same dynamics as every other promotional platform out there. For this reason, Google has to exercise caution when selling Google ads for CBD. 

Perhaps you have given cbd oil google ads a shot in the past, using a standard ad campaign, but was later denied. Well, you are not the only one. Some even manage to evade the ever-watchful eyes of Google's crawlers for a few days. But in the end, they are removed by Google AdWords because their site contents don’t comply with Google's policy and guidelines. Regardless of how evasive you are in strategizing your website to advertise CBD on Google AdWords will remove you within the space of two weeks. If care is not taken, the removal of unapproved ads on Google may lead to the suspension of your campaign on Google. Could it be possible to outsmart google AdWords? Well, keep reading to find out more.

How To Advertise CBD Oil On Google Ads?

Do you know that you can advertise CBD on Google, and not be perturbed about violating Google Ads CBD policy? Yes, you can. But before you start celebrating your luck, hang on a second.

Whereas it is possible to market CBD on google ads, the process isn't exactly straightforward. This is probably why most budding CBD sellers are denied their first application for CBD oil Google ads.

CBD is one of the many pharmaceuticals and supplements that Google doesn't allow in its advertising policy. So if you want to reap the rewards of running a cannabidiol-focused PPC on Google, you have to do it strategically.

While we recommend using an expert CBD marketer to strategize your Google ads for CBD oil, there are simple ways to achieve your goals without violating Google CBD policy. You should know, however, that Google's advertising policy will hundred times out of hundred deny ads from websites billed as CBD online store. Thus, if you want to run a successful Google CBD ads campaign, you must ensure that your website is devoid of references, listings, and keywords supporting the mending benefits of CBD. This way, when Google crawls your landing page, it will not find anything that violating its terms and conditions.

If you want to run CBD oil google ads without exposing your website to Adwords’ terms and conditions, there is one way to do it. That is to create a CBD specific Google AdWords for your campaign. In this manner, disapproval of your ads will not expose other products on your platform to AdWords issues.

All you have to do is to create a new Google Adwords. Next, set up your location and budget. Then decide on the sort of PPC you want to run on Google and input keywords hinting hemp and CBD without giving off the feeling that you are selling CBD. Once you are done with the process, continue with the Adwords process, just as you would with a normal account.

The last and probably the most important thing in this strategy is to create a landing page that advertises CBD strategically. From here on, you can begin advertising your CBD products on Google without violating Google ads CBD policy.


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