How to Use Ned Hemp Infused Body Butter?

How to Use Ned Hemp Infused Body Butter?

What is Ned Hemp Body Butter?

So you found that absolutely divine, moisturizing body butter. It smells delicious and it’s soft like…well, like butter! But nowhere does it say how to use body butter. So we are going to explain to you exactly how to use body butter along with some other helpful body butter tips.

What is Body Butter?

So, what is body butter? Body butter is a skin moisturizer that typically contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, coconut oil or vegetable-based oil. It's thicker than lotions and is extra effective at rejuvenating dry skin, whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees.

Let’s Go Over How to Use Ned Body Butter:

How to use Ned CBD Body Butter:

Step 1: Scoop out about a dime-sized amount of body butter with either your fingers or a spatula. We recommend applying the body butter in small amounts. Because of how thick it is, it may take longer to apply than a typical lotion which is much thinner. But this extra time is important because will prevent your skin from feeling greasy.

You may prefer to use a spatula so that the body butter doesn’t get under your nails and so that you don’t contaminate the container with bacteria from your hands. If you decide to use a spatula, either apply the body butter directly to your skin or onto your fingertips. If your body butter is in a squeeze container, apply the butter directly from the container onto your skin.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds for the body butter to melt into your skin before rubbing it in. If you used your fingers, then you can rub the body butter between your fingertips to help it melt a little bit. If you applied it directly to your body, then let it sit for a few seconds before you start to rub it in. The natural warmth from your body will soften the body butter so that it smooths on easily.

Step 3: Rub in the body butter into your skin using long, firm strokes. Using your palms is the easiest way to apply it. You can also work it in over the joint areas, such as your knees, ankles, and elbows, using firm, circular strokes. Stop rubbing the body butter once you've smoothed it into a thin, even layer. Your skin may look slightly greasy.

Step 4: Do small sections of your body each time, applying more body butter as necessary. So start at your feet and work your way up. Do not apply too much, as your body may feel greasy. Continue until your body is fully moisturized.

Step 5: If needed, lightly apply a second layer of body butter onto dry spots, like your elbows. You may also want to add more body butter onto your feet, knees, hands, and anywhere that looks dry and cracked.

Ned Hemp Body Butter Question & Answers:

FAQ about Ned Hemp Body Butter:

Can I put Ned Body Butter on my face?

We recommend against putting body butter on your face. It is extremely thick and has a lot more oil than creams and lotions. What is likely to end up happening is that the body butter will clog your pores and cause an acne breakout. So for those of you wondering: “Can I put body butter on my face?” The answer is yes, you can but it’s probably a bad idea.

What is The Best Body Butter?

The best body butter is going to be the one that melts into the skin quickly so as to not leave it feel greasy. It will also have the longest lasting, deepest hydrating and moisturizing effect on your skin. Additionally, the best body butter will not cause your skin to breakout or cause any irritation. Oh, and the best body butter will be all natural.

Why You Should Use Hello Ned CBD Body Butter:

You should unequivocally and without question choose an all natural butter! Body Butter brings a lot of heavy doses of moisturizing ingredients. As such, there are a lot of nasty, chemical and other synthetic moisturizers that can really do a lot of damage to your skin. This is all the more so true when you consider the doses they are coming in and the repeated application thereof. Remember, you are feeding your skin moisturizing nutrients. So just like you wouldn’t want to eat or drink a bunch of nasty chemicals, so to should you not want to feed your skin those same chemicals. Look for certified organic body butter.

Hello Ned CBD Body Butter:

If you asked us “what is the best body butter?” We would of course say our own because we made it to be the absolute best body butter. Bringing the double moisturizing action of Hemp Seed Oil and Shea Butter along with a plethora of natural ingredients that will perfectly moisturize your toughest dry skin areas, this all natural body butter melts quickly into your skin. And the best part is that it is All Organic so you know that it is the healthiest choice to feed your dry skin the moisturizing goodness it needs.

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