Pupmkin Skin Care Benefits

Pupmkin Skin Care Benefits


Pumpkin-carvings, Pumpkin-sweets, rubbing Pumpkin all over your skin…wait you mean that there are Pumpkin benefits for skin? Yes, that’s right, there are a plethora of Pumpkin skin benefits. Now, just to be sure that we are talking about the food and not a popular pet name people have for their kids, let’s go over some basics:

Pumpkin is a winter squash that is common to North America. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, as it is Cucubrita Pepo which is probably why you have heard of Cucubrita Pepo Oil. Pumpkin is also something of a food anomaly for most. Scientifically thinking, Pumpkin is a fruit since it contains seeds. However, from a vitamin perspective, it is more like a vegetable. But, that’s neither here nor there since we’re here to talk about how awesome it is for your skin!


Pumpkin is a loaded with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant as well as beta-carotene, a Vitamin A derivative. These work together on several levels. On one level they help to soften the skin and boost its collagen production to prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. On an Antioxidant level, the Vitamin C and beta-carotene work together to reverse UV damage and free radical damage, two major culprits for wrinkles and worse yet, skin cancer.


If acne is your enemy, then the old Jack-O-Lantern might just be your best friend. Pumpkin oil is full of B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, B6 and folate. Niacin improves circulation, and hence, is beneficial in treating acne. Folate helps to increase circulation, which improves cell turnover and renewal. The Zinc in pumpkin seeds is beneficial for acne sufferers as it helps control hormone levels and oil production, as well as assists with healing of the skin. Lastly the Vitamin A content helps minimize acne scars.


Did we mention that Pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E? These are not only necessary to maintain protection of the skin, but they also regulate sebum (oil produced by the skin). This is a big plus if you have oily skin and the acne problems that come with it.


Now that you know that Pumpkin oil will give you youthful, acne-free skin, let’s put a cherry on top with the fact that it helps brighten your skin. Pumpkin oil contains fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover. This brightens the skin. Additionally, the molecular structure of pumpkin is small and therefore can penetrate deeper into the skin when used topically. This is amazing for treating a dull complexion, aging skin and pigmentation.

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