What is the Best CBD Face Wash for Sensitive Skin?

What is the Best CBD Face Wash for Sensitive Skin?

Best CBD Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

All you want to do is wash your face, sounds simple right? Most people do it and they use a face wash and it just seems to work. But not for you, no, no, no because every face wash you have used has done something to irritate your face.

You tried one that gave you rashes on both cheeks. Anther face wash you tried caused you to have a terrible acne breakout.  Then you found one that seemed to be working. You thought you had found the best face wash for sensitive skin. That is, until it caused your entire face to turn bright red and your skin felt like somebody lit it on fire.

You are exasperated and you can’t help but hate the fact that you were born with sensitive skin.  But you are absolutely determined and resolute on getting the best face wash for sensitive skin come hell or high water. So, just what is that needle in a haystack of face washes that will cleanse away the dirt, grime, dead skin, and more from your face without making your skin feel like somebody lit it on fire?

The best CBD face wash for sensitive skin will be....

CBD Face Wash Benefits

A gentle face wash: Most face washes include a lot of antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients that are designed to basically scorch everything from the face. Now, this will do the job in getting rid of all of the gunk and oil, etc…but in doing so, the cleansing ingredients also scorch sensitive skin.  Now the trick is to identify a gentle face wash with cleansing ingredients that will wash away all the dirt, grime, and more without irritating your skin. The alternative of course is that you have a face wash with all of the acidic cleansers but they are infused with plenty of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Then there are gentle cleansers such as Rosehip Oil which cleanses and moisturizes dry, itchy, or irritated skin. That makes it a very desirable gentle cleanser ingredient for your sensitive skin.


A mild face wash for acne: Let’s be real about something for a second. If it weren’t for acne, there would be a heck of a lot of people that wouldn’t even bother to wash there face every morning.  So you need to consider this when identifying the right CBD face wash for you.  A mild face wash for acne is going to have a cleanser and moisturizer in it that is not overly harsh but is still strong enough to treat acne. Hemp Seed Oil is great ingredient to be on the lookout for. It cleanses the skin to treat acne. Additionally, it moisturizes the skin without clogging pores.

The best Aloe Vera face wash: The best CBD face wash for sensitive skin will likely have Aloe Vera in it. Aloe Vera is incredibly smoothing. It has been used for as long as people have been using plants to heal skin for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have sensitive skin, there is a very good chance that you have used Aloe Vera for another flare up on your face or elsewhere. So it should come as no surprise that you will definitely want the best Aloe Vera Wash.

A face wash without chemicals: There’s not really any surprises about this but too often its easy to forget because reading for ingredients can be really confusing.  There are a lot of natural and organic ingredients that also sound like or look like chemicals that will irritate your sensitive skin so to keep it simple. Look for a face wash without chemicals by looking for an organic certification like Ecocert, one of the world’s most recognized authorities in organic skincare.

We decided to just go ahead and make the best CBD face wash for sensitive skin for you.

Liberty Lotion CBD facial wash is an Ecocert certified organic facial cleanser that features the ingredients and the blending that is perfect for your sensitive skin. Aloe Vera and Brown Algae are included in this face wash to keep inflammation and irritation in check for your sensitive skin. But the real superstar here is CBD Oil.

CBD Oil provides a generous amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, making it a perfect anti-aging solution for treating dull and tired skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties allow it to be incredibly soothing. As a moisturizer, it is nourishing for all skin types. This is because it does so without clogging pores and regulates oil production.  CBD also treats acne and Psoriasis, giving you newly moist, clear and rejuvenated skin.

If you want the best CBD face wash for sensitive skin then you definitely will need to try Liberty Lotion CBD face wash.

Your skin will thank you for it!

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