Plain Jane CBD Brand Review

Plain Jane CBD Brand Review

When it comes to CBD products, it is important to use a brand that you can trust like Plain Jane. Plain Jane CBD products come from the best hemp around, as it is known for quality. If you are looking for quality wellness products that are affordable, you should go for a brand with a reputation like Plain Jane.

Plain Jane CBD Review

Based in Southern Oregon, Plain Jane is dedicated to offering its numerous satisfied clients only the best CBD products available. Top--notch quality can be seen in the fact that Plain Jane CBD is licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. We have different products from beverage enhancers, capsules, edibles, topical salves and so on. Do you know that we also offer you products for your pets too? Your pets can now enjoy the benefits of using CBD products.

Plain Jane Benefits:

If you are looking for a brand that you can trust not to sell you adulterated CBD products, you are in the right place. There is hardly any brand out there that offers CBD rich hemp oil products as Plain Jane. We make our products from high-quality hemp plants that are non-GMO. Plain Jane hemp does not have chemical fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide or any harmful solvent. To ensure that we only offer high-quality products, tested using professional third-party  laboratories.

Plain Jane CBD pre roll Review

Plain Jane is a CBD brand that deals with hemp flowers, cbd pre roll cigarettes, tinctures and more. product line that prides itself on providing hemp flowers for all and sundry. Since the legalization of CBD, so many CBD brands have sprung up, making sure that CBD gets across the whole world. CBD has made a huge impact on the world and tremendous results are still coming in. What has made CBD so popular? Well, it can deal with certain health challenges such as anxiety, pain and inflammation, cancer, skin diseases, epilepsy and seizures, insomnia and so on. It works because a lot of people have attested to that. They agree that CBD brings them soothing effects, relief, and a relaxing feeling. You must certainly have heard about CBD and its products. It could be from someone or online, over the internet. Whichever one it is, it is pretty much certain that the next step will be to select a brand to buy from.

Have you been looking for CBD products to purchase? There are a lot of CBD products out there to buy but purchasing the ones with high-quality is better off. Well, in this Plain Jane CBD review, you'll know everything there is to know.

As earlier mentioned, Plain Jane has a wide range of CBD products extracted from hemp, of course. Here are some of their most popular products:

Plain Jane CBD Pre Rolls:

Plain Jane Pre Roll Review

Pre rolls are just like normal cigarettes, just that they are free from tobacco and are not addictive. It has all the healing effects and properties of CBD which includes fast relief and making one feel better. Of course, all CBD products are supposed to have less than 0.3% of THC according to the federal government. In fact, that is supposed to be the maximum. Plain Jane pre rolls are odorless because the flowers used to make it have been carefully and well processed. The bottom line here is that one can use Plain Jane pre rolls discreetly.

Plain Jane CBD Flower Review:

Plain Jane also has CBD flowers and buds to sell to the public. As usual, they do not contain THC, psychoactive properties and intoxicating effects. Plain Jane CBD hemp flowers are therapeutic as they contain the healing powers of CBD. They have the look as well as the smell of traditional marijuana but not the psychoactive effects that gets one high. The different Plain Jane CBD hemp flowers ncludes:

  • Ringo's Gift
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Kush
  • Pineberry
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Charlotte's Web

Plain Jane CBD Tinctures:

Plain Jane CBD Oil Review

CBD could be in so many forms such as oils, vapes, gummies, sprays, balms, and even tinctures. Now, most people prefer dropping their tinctures under the tongue and others prefer dropping it into their food. Whichever one it is, they perform the same functions only that the absorption time might differ. Plain Jane CBD tinctures can be dropped under the tongue, the oil can be added to food and drinks or even applied to the skin.

Plain Jane CBD tinctures comprise of 1000mg of CBD oil in their isolate or spectrum form. The brand includes MCT oil to isolate tincture to improve bioavailability.

There are so many CBD brands out there but what makes Plain Jane different? Why should you purchase from them?

Plain Jane is known for:

According to the federal government in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for anything to be called CBD, it should not have more than 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As regards this, all Plain Jane products are free from THC. In this way, you can never get high or stoned while taking it or after taking it, no matter the quantity you consume.

Extraction Methods:

There are different ways of getting CBD extracts. Plain Jane makes use of the best available means to ensure that clients are getting the best. There are isolate methods and there's the full spectrum method. In the latter, CBD is extracted along with other useful cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanicals. For the isolate, only CBD is extracted. It is then left for the buyer to pick the one of preference. In all, Plain Jane uses the best methods and equipment to extract CBD from hemp.

High-quality Products:

Plain Jane has made a name in the CBD industry. A brand can only do that depending on the quality of the products they sell to the public. Of course, good reviews and testimonials are out there for them and people are still purchasing. It is no doubt that there are illegitimate manufacturers and distributors of CBD products. Their products may even contain THC and you won't know it. To make sure you are buying high-quality CBD products, check for reviews.

In-house Lab Testing:

Every product made by Plain Jane is tested in the laboratory before it is sent out for sale. This is to ensure that all products are safe for consumption. If there are any irregularities discovered during the testing, they would be fixed immediately. Not every CBD brand does this testing which is why you need to make research just to be sure that you're buying a good product.


Plain Jane's odorless cigarettes is a great innovation as it will help you to be discrete while smoking. It will also give CBD smokers the freedom to conveniently smoke anywhere as they are sure that there is no smell.

Great Reviews:

Before purchasing CBD products from anywhere, check for the reviews. Reviews contain people's view of the brand and its products. Plain Jane CBD reviews are very good as they do all they can to satisfy their clients.

Third-Party Testing:

Apart from doing in-house lab testing, Plain Jane also takes out time to take their products through third-party testing. Here, they check that each product is free from any kind of contaminant, especially the flowers. The contaminants may include solvents, unwanted plants, pesticides and so on. Of course, they make sure that their hemp is grown in a farm free from all these contaminants. Despite that, they still go on to test their products, both in and out to make sure that anyone can safely consume them.

Before purchasing any CBD product, you should meet with a doctor to know whether talking CBD will be right for you. Also, note that you mustn't have an ailment or a health challenge before going on to use CBD products. You could simply use it as a great step towards your health and wellness journey. Of course, you need to keep fit and take care of your health.

Plain Jane CBD Cream Review

Plain Jane Brand Recap:

Plain Jane is not like the usual CBD brands that are everywhere. They focus on producing cigarettes that are odorless and which can give the user the confidence to use it anywhere and at any time. They are also specific on hemp flowers which makes them popular. Brands try to distinguish themselves by investing in other things that other brands are not doing. Plain Jane has worked well with this strategy and it is moving the brand forward.

Plain Jane is one of the most recognized CBD brands in the industry. They are recognized for good quality of their products, how they do lab testing , their odorless cigarettes, THC-free CBD, great innovation, great extraction methods and of course the reviews. If you've never taken or used Plain Jane CBD oil, this review might just be the beginning of that journey.

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