Granddaddy Purple Strain came in first place in Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea. This strain is said to be the grandfather of all cannabis strains, packing a full body high and an infamous flavor that will leave you begging for more. Granddaddy Purple strain (aka Grand daddy Purps) is one of the most popular Indica strains on the east and west coast and is perhaps the most well known 'purple' weed strains in the US. There’s a reason why Granddaddy Purple strain has become so popular in the United States, and its because of is its tropical shades and sweet candy-like smell. Introduced in 2003 by Ken Estes, is a famous cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This strain is exceptionally similar to Grape Ape and legend has it the two could be the same. Granddaddy Purple strain buds are strikingly purple, spattered with bright fiery orange heavy hairs and coated in sweet sticky crystal resin. With 20-27% THC level and almost 1% average CBD level. Perfect for night time use Granddaddy Purple strain strikes both body and mind but quickly turns into a smooth body high like most heavy Indica strains. When dealing with a physical condition such as pain, nausea or lack of appetite, a larger than normal dose of this plant may be needed in order to experience the full medicinal benefits. It is best to consume Granddaddy Purple strain during the evening or late evening hours, because it certainly is not a morning pick-me-up.


Jack Herer Strain came in second place in Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea It won 9 first-place High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and is a frequently used parent strain for new hybrids. This strain is thought to be the product of sativa staple Haze and a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. This 55% sativa 45% indica strain with 18% right up to 23% percenet THC levels. An all-round happy, clear headed high, It is popular for the fact that it can be uplifting without feeling overpowering, and you can easily find yourself centered and relaxed after a few puffs. This weed strain carries a citrus-dominant taste profile with notes of pine and skunk thanks to its Shiva Skunk strain heritage. Jack Herer strain has a smell worthy of any weed connoisseur. It has a smooth and enjoyable smoke that leaves a sweet, fruity and lemon fresh taste in your mouth. The smell is pungent tropical that will enchant and tantalize your senses. Jack Herer strain nugs look as if having been artificially dipped in white powder, so bountiful are its THC-rich, CBD rich, and terpenoid storing trichomes. Jack Herer weed pistils and stigmas of light yellow to orange encircle the green buds peeking out through the thick maze of powdery trichomes. Strong levels of THC can treat musculoskeletal pain such as muscle tension, back pain, sciatic pain, joint pain, muscle cramps, and pain in the feet and wrist. It widely recommended to medical consumers due to its pain relieving properties. Even nausea responds to this weed strain.

King Louis XIII strain typically has a THC of between 20% and 24%, we have heard reports that it tops out at 28% With a 70:30 indica/sativa. The name depends on who you ask, It could be King Louie, King Louie XIII, or King Louis XIII, according to sources. King Louis strain has been a favorite of OG Kush connoisseurs for decades. King Louis XIII weed strain nugs are incredibly thick and large all the while being covered with orange hairs. Consumers will see light greens amongst the whites, it is a treat for any cannabis connoisseur. The smell is very much Louis OG strain with its sweet, musky, yet spicy aroma which sets up the senses nicely for smoking. will make any OG-lover salivate. King Louis XIII weed strain tends to become zone-inducing, with a noticeable body buzz becoming more noticeable as time continues to pass. This amazing OG strain was most helpful when attempting to battle insomnia. Some consumers have allegedly used King Louis XIII strain to help with their anxiety, stress, or nausea.


Northern Lights Strain came in fourth place in Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea It has given rise to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze strains. Northern Lights phenotypes have won the Cannabis Cup in 1989, 1990, and 1992. 90% indica and 10% sativa ratio its heavily packed with a 15 to 22 percent THC content. The smell of the Northern Lights strain is pungent and immediately hits your nose, occupying whatever room it is in with the smell of dank ganja, but its flavor hits upon different notes. Northern Lights strain transforms patients into a blissful, altered reality, where they can be peacefully and relaxed. Northern Lights weed strain has a real tendency to induce happiness and plenty of genuine smiling, with consumers feeling light psychoactive effects that essentially place a hazy glow over the world and cause life to appear more vibrant. Pinks, oranges, greens, blues, and purple colors waltz together in a beautiful majestic display with its fanned-out leaves. Northern Lights strains orange tendrils expand from the bases becoming more vibrant and vigorous, embracing the buds in in a tight layer of hairs. Northern Lights weed strain is widely recommended for its supreme medical abilities, Northern Lights is a favorite among those seeking to treat physical pain as well as mental instabilities and nausea. Medical consumers who have been diagnosed with mental conditions can benefit greatly from the use of this weed strain.

Purple Punch strain is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain reportedly carrying THC levels that range between 20% to 25%, with up to 1% CBD. Purple Punch strain has fluffy oversized bright neon green buds with sparse red orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes. Some might describe the taste and smell of the nugs as a punch to the head, and rightfully so, this is balanced out by other delicious flavors including herbs, berries and vanilla flower. Customer cant stop bragging about how Stress and depression disappear with ease. If you have a headache, cramps, muscle spasms, or nearly any other ailment, turn to this strain. The strength of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs It’s been called a dessert strain, not only because of its potent smell and taste, but because patients love using it after dinner due to its relaxing and often sedating properties. Purple Punch strain is available in many places across the nation, so give this weed a try and watch all of your worries disappear.


Trainwreck Strain came in sixth place in Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea It is a mix of three other strains Thai (Sativa), Mexican (Sativa) and Afghani (Indica). This strain has a 65% sativa and 35% indica ratio with moderate levels of 14%-18% THC content. Trainwreck nugs are green with dark violet hues under a thick web of crystal trichomes. Its delicate flowing hairs can range from yellow to orange colors. The smell begins with a fruity herbal scent that comes busting down your throat. The potent aromas incorporates some of the most pleasant oder's of cannabis with the sharp scent of spicy pine among others. Trainwreck flavor is incredibly satisfying, giving off a semi-spicy or even peppery tang with pungent taste that hits with earthy and woodsy notes. You can expect a noticeable after taste of lemon lime when using this strain. For many consumers only a few drags are needed to induce both the cerebral effects and a body high complete with couchlock. This strain provides a significant rush of adrenaline, coupled with a calming body buzz. Be careful it may cause dry eyes and mouth upon use. Medical cannabis patients commonly use this strain to relieve pain, PTSD and stress. Additionally, the Trainwreck weed strain is used by many to help them cope with joint pain, muscle stiffness and nausea.

White Widows Strain is the winner of first place Bio at High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace strain and a resin-heavy South Indian indica strain, White Widows weed has blessed every Dutch shops menus since the early 90s. White Widows strain genetics have given rise to many other legends like White Russian, White Rhino strain, and Blue Widows strain. With perfect canna genetic balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa strain it tested at 18.76% THC, 0.10% CBD, and 0.28% CBN levels. Consumers can become more acutely perceptive of their surroundings, tuned into sounds and patterns that may have gone unnoticed before. Patients also describe an almost immediate uplift in mood, energy levels and focus that can be applied to either mundane tasks like cleaning or more complex problem-solving processes. White Widow weed strain can also be creatively valuable, inducing a kind of rapid-fire thought association that can open up some previously unexplored territory. White Widows Strain flavors are Often neutral or even hashy due to the high trichome count, the strain sometimes has a citrusy, flowery finish, but is not known for being all that flavorful in general. White Widows appearance is laden with frosty, bright crystals that glisten and gleam the minute any source of light hits the nuggets. Underneath the beautiful snow-covered first blanketed layer, however, glimpses of fat sage-green buds can be seen stacked up together in tall colas. Patients will opt for White Widows if they're seeking a strain that allows them to unwind and relax while still maintaining a sense of mental awareness. This weed strain is specially good for depression, stress, pain, and PTSD.


Lemon Lime Punch Strain came in eigth place in our Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea. It is a sativa derived from lemon skunk and fruit punch, this combination has a powerful profile with thc levels ranging from 14% to 19%. Lemon lime punch strain has a very strong smell, which reminds a person of citrusy fruits such as lemon and limes, as the name suggests. The smell spreads through the area if it is smoked fast and vigorously. Lemon lime punch strain has dense buds are tied together with vibrant amber strands and bright amber, frosty trichomes that give this ultra powerful strain a tropical smell to match the flavor. Lemon lime punch strain can cause an uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by deep relaxation. Energizes the racing mind, improves focus, prompts giggles & munchies. Absolutely great for relieving stress. For medicinal purposes, lemon lime punch strain is great for those suffering from chronic fatigue with its energizing properties. Be aware of this strain, as with other powerful sativas, it can cause paranoia and or anxiety if you aren’t careful. Additional ailments that lemon lime punch strain is helpful with includes glaucoma, eye pressure, inflammation, and cramping.

Lemon Tree strain is an indica-leaning hybrid cross of Lemon Skunk strain and Sour Diesel strain that has been popularized by a number of consmers, including Creekside, which won second place for best hybrid at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle for its Lemon Tree strain. This powerful weed strain can produce THC levels 17% to 25 percent. Lemon Tree strain nugs have a dark round olive green buds that are absolutely coated in furry amber flowing hairs and a thick coating of super tiny bright off white crystal trichomes. Lemon Tree strain claims over 50 different terpene profiles in its citrusy flower that primarily consisted of myrcene, limonene, and alpha-pinene. The taste of this weed strain can be both mildly skunky and lemon-like due to its inherited terpene profile from its parent Lemon Skunk strain and Sour Diesel strain. Lemon Tree weed strain may have more effects than most hybrids for medical consumers through creating a balanced mind and body high with potential effects that relax patients while maintaining euphoric, giggly energy. Some medical patients have said they’ve used Lemon Tree strain in easing symptoms of PTSD, fatigue, along with other symptoms of arthritis and pain. Understand your boundaries and don’t go over, regardless of what your friends are recommending. By taking these preventative measures, you can ensure the best medical high possible.


Grape Ape Strain came in tenth place in our Top 10 Best Strains for Nausea. With 15% and 25% THC composition this indica crossbreed of Mendocino Purple, Skunk strain, and original Afghani. Grape Ape strain terpene profile seems very similar to one of Granddaddy Purple strain. The Buds are large and have a dense nug structure. Grape Ape strain leaves are dark green, with certain phenotypes expressing shades of bright purple and even red, with copper colored pistils throughout. This weeds trichome count varies from moderate to high levels, leaving the buds extra sticky. This strain has rather large calyxes with moderate to high amounts of trichomes. Grape Ape strain tastes more fruity than skunky -- notes of grape and berries predominate, leaving behind a sweet sensation at the top of the palate. This strains flavor profile is a mix of grape sweetness and musky incense notes, offering both a fairly strong initial flavor and a lingering aftertaste. Grape Ape weeds enticing smell that resembles candy and berries. You will love it if you like sweet tasting strains. It often has a skunky smell element to it, but the sweetness and grape oder qualities really come out once its broken apart. Grape Ape weeds super relaxing full-body high experience that can lead to strong couch-lock and deep sleep. But the high can also be euphoric and focused, with a clear mind. Grape Ape weed strain is recommended by medical consumers for treating chronic pain, including migraines and arthritis, though it also helps relieve anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Inexperienced users should start slowly to avoid unpleasant side effects. Grape Ape weed strain is recommended to be used towards the end of your day after all your important tasks have been completed.


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