Blue Cookie Strain Promotional Review



Blue Cookie Strain Review:

Novice consumers should beware of Blue Cookie strain as it can be quite potent. THC levels have reached 26% percent. This strain comes from a famous lineage two celebrity strains, Girl Scout Cookies strain and Blueberry strain. The strains golden buds are crusted in the dried, sticky resin of a dense coat of trichomes. The delicate thick white fuzz covers whole surfaces of the bud, giving it a crystallized tinge that adds to the strain’s overall beauty. Blue Cookie strain hits fast with a head high that might take some people by surprise. Its followed by an intense physical high that slightly mellows down the head high. As soon as the effects of this Blue Cookie strain kicks in, you almost immediately feel a liberating feeling as your mood takes a turn towards head and body euphoria. As the mental high and physical high starts blending in, not only do you feel extremely happy, you also start to relax. Its strong, long lasting effects can be overwhelming to some consumers. The strains blend of earthy flavors mix with chocolate and sweet cookie dough to create a truly memorable and amazing flavor. Blue Cookie strain is an excellent choice for medical consumers due to the level of THC. Some side effects include dry mouth and eyes. Occasionally, consumers may also feel dizzy. There are instances when one may feel a little anxious or perhaps even slightly paranoid.


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